Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 Months

I know it sounds crazy, but this week in particular he seems to be little boy and not a baby boy. Maybe it's because he's so long and skinny. Maybe it's that he's started this little protest noise that's part moan, part growl. Baby protests are kinda funny, actually. I mean, really, what does he have to protest about?

Now that we're feeding him bananas and avocados and not that rice cereal he seems to think comes straight from satan, he's finally happy to be eating. The face he made over the rice cereal was a riot. And the "mmmmmm"s he says when eating bananas is adorable. Yesterday I made some oat cereal and that went over a little better. This morning I just mixed it in with his banana and he scarfed it all down. This weekend we'll make some applesauce and pear or squash purees. Fun.

We call the kitchen "The Magic Room" because he gets all happy and wide eyed when he's in there. He's memorized watching us stir things on the stove. Last night we were eating dinner and just had him in his lounge chair. That would not do. We had to mash him up some banana so he could eat with us. I know this is a good thing, that he wants to eat dinner when we do. It'll just be easier when he can sit up and be in a high chair. For now he's on one of our laps to eat. Fortunately, he's not messy, yet.

He seems to be a pretty goofy boy. I'm convinced he's taking inventory of everything, particularly on my desk, for future use/destruction. He is good at entertaining himself, whether in his chair with toys, or on the floor on his back or tummy, but mostly in his bouncy chair. As we've said for months, he's so ready to be in motion!

The last few days, it seems he's changed his nap patterns. There are shorter ones with a much longer one in the middle of the day. It's a good change. We're hoping he keeps staying awake in the evenings a little more for dinner/bath times.

I can't believe it's only been five months. He's a fun, happy, sweet boy who loves to go out to eat and hang out with people. I pray he stays that way!!

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