Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Just chillin in the hotel room. We went up to Shenandoah National Park Saturday night with some friends. This was his second road trip and he did great again. He sleeps in the car and loves seeing new places and people and then sleeps great all swaddled up on his own hotel bed.

Umm,, is my breakfast coming?

Yes, I keep a bib on him constantly. Even though he's not teething, he has always drooled a lot. Especially now that it's cold, I don't want him in cold/wet clothes. Bibs just seem easiest.


meridith said...

I love his black hat! so grown-up!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Hope you had a good time in the park. I'm a little jealous; it's a lovely area.

Beth said...

Thanks! It was a good trip. They used to have some great live music on the last night of the season, but not this year. We'd probably rather go earlier and see the leaves if they're not going to make that last weekend fun. It's beautiful when the leaves change!