Sunday, December 19, 2010

Picture With Santa

He was fantastic. We were in line a little over an hour and he loves people watching, so he was cool with it. Cute outfit courtesy of his grandparents.


meridith said...

SUCH a fantastic picture.

Val said...

he's a cutie. Sophie would never let us get her close to that guy! And so, has never had a picture with him!
As she is Jewish, this is not an issue, but she believes in Santa coming, as my ex is not Jewish, so needless to say December is her FAVORITE month! :)

Great picture!

Beth said...

Meridith - Thanks!

Val, he's such a people person! We're not doing much in regard to Christmas this year but figured we could at least start the tradition of a pic with Santa. Hopefully he won't freak out next year!

Ann said...

He's just a doll! Merry Christmas to you all!