Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Typical Day

I'd say for the past month we've had somewhat of a daily routine. Now that he's getting closer to being mobile, it won't last forever.

He generally wakes up between 5:30 and 6. Nerdstar gets up to feed him and I get a few more minutes of sleep. Once he's fed and changed they head to the play area and I get up so she can get ready for work. I know she likes spending this time with him in the mornings.

His room, the kitchen, and the room off the kitchen (We have a weird floor plan but I love it.) with my desk are all upstairs. There's a ton of floor space for him up here and not much for him to get into when he starts moving. We spend 85% of the day upstairs, especially now that it's winter, it's warmer upstairs. The only relevant things downstairs are his swing and the tv. (The living room, laundry room and master bedroom are downstairs.) Sometimes we go down there so I can watch something off the dvr while he swings/naps. Upstairs, he has a chair that helps him sit up and has some toys attached. He has another chair where he reclines and it has toys that hang down for him to try to grab. He likes the sit up chair better. But mostly he likes to lay on his back on the floor. He's rolling back to front and seems to like being on his tummy more than he used to. But we know that he really wants to be in motion. He loves to watch where Ramen dog is and can't wait to chase him around. He also likes to sit in my lap while I'm at the desk and just look at all the stuff on the desk.

His first nap of the day is usually around 7:30 or 8. If I'm still too tired, that's my nap time, too! Otherwise, I use his first nap of the day, which is usually is longest, to get stuff done.

I keep up with the kitchen and laundry. Vacuuming and such gets done on weekends when we're both home. Nerdstar is great and washes his bottles after dinner every night.

His 2nd breakfast is usually 3 hours after his first. Then it's more playtime.

And repeat.

If we need to run errands, we do that after his 2nd nap and 1st lunch, which ends up being right around noon.

Then it's hanging in there until Nerdstar gets home from work and we figure out dinner. Every other night is bath night.

I look forward to weekends more now than I ever did when I worked! While I love watching Nerdstar and Noah interact, I'm very thankful to "hand him over" on weekends. I'm also much more exhausted by 5 pm every day. I don't know who's more amused by my 9ish bedtime every night, my 16 year old self or my 30 year old self.

As Nerdstar likes to remind me, this is my dream job and I waited a long time to get it. I still say it's the best job I could ever have!

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