Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeding Our Big Boy

I'm fairly certain our boy will end up being well over 6 feet tall. Somehow this surprises me. For some reason, some weird part of my brain expected short little kids. To make that sentence even crazier, although I don't quite reach 5'2", I've never thought of myself as short.

Anyway. Our 5 1/2 month old boy is wearing 9 month sized clothes. He's awfully skinny in them, but he fills them length wise.

So in addition to figuring out the basics of solids, we're also trying to find the right amount to feed our little giant. We're downsizing his bottles and he's eating about two ounces of solids three or four times a day.

This means we spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend making him some food. We've got a decent supply of butternut squash puree in the freezer. We made a new batch of sweet potato puree and a batch of apple sauce. Then about every third day I make him a batch of oat cereal. He also eats lots of bananas.

I've always had a lot of mason jars to drink out of, so we got smart and used them for storing and freezing his stuff. Hopefully we've got two weeks of food. Although, we should probably find one new item for him to start eating next weekend.

So far he's happy with all of it. He's even a pretty neat eater so far - I'm sure that'll change the day he decides he has to be the one holding the spoon!!

The fun part is that he absolutely insists - rather loudly! - on eating when we do - even if he had his meal not that long ago and technically shouldn't be hungry. One afternoon at Chick-fil-A we discovered that a saltine cracker will placate him if necessary.

Nerdstar spent her entire pregnancy talking to him about food. It seems he was paying attention.


Val said...

Your organizational skills are lovely... Hopefully Noah is paying attention. To that, too!

Beth said...

I'm too lazy to not be organized!!