Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Opinions

Our baby isn't a baby any more. He's changing in so many small ways all the time. He definitely loves to drink in the world. I still say he's taking inventory around the house. I have informed him a couple of times that my desk and computer and mine, and he just has to get his own. And the remote will never be his!

So, we're making all these purees and trying to keep our growing boy well fed. This weekend we decided to add green beans and carrots. He promptly decided they do.not.taste.good! It was the funniest thing I've seen in ages - his reactions to them in his mouth and then his attempts to make sure no more got in there! Thankfully he still ate his sweet potatoes this morning. I'm thawing out some more apple sauce to mix in with the carrots, we'll see if that works. We also made some peach puree, but it's frozen for now. We'll see if that makes his mouth happy.

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Melissa said...

Too funny. Jackson has yet to like carrots. Try them again later there are a lot of foods that he didn't like the first go round and weeks later couldn't get enough. Another easy puree that he LOVED was bananas. No cooking required!!