Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Glimpse of the Goofiness

I have a feeling no one will ever know better than Noah how goofy I am. In fact, I was thinking earlier that when he can better understand what I'm saying to him throughout the day, I'm going to have to really improve the quality of my remarks!

Anyway. Ching and I have never been big fans of Oprah, but we're not haters either. I guess we feel our spirits are just fine without her show. But, now that there's a behind the scenes of season 25 show on her new network, we're so watching it! This has led to us, on occasion, talking in "Oprah speak" - you know, the way she says things like "You're GOING to AUUSTRRAALIIAAA!!"

Now I've found myself using it with Noah, as in: "It's Time to CHANGE your DIIAAPPERRRR!!"


Val said...

You made me laugh out loud!!!!

Beth said...

cool! there's just so many phrases to do in that style... You Made POOOPPPYYY