Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 6th. month, Noah Maxx!

Wow! Our boy just turned six months old and he's cuter and funnier than ever! Yes, I know that I'm being prejudiced, but if you can spend some time with him, you'd feel the same way too!
Noah Maxx has been nothing but a pleasure to be around, and it really sucks for me to be at work for most of the day, not being able to play with him and even getting to change his poopy diapers!

I know that most parents cannot wait to have their children grow up, but I for one am enjoying Noah Maxx's babyhood! It's really true when they say that children do grow up fast! Already he is starting to look more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby! Could it be the extra week that he spent in my belly?

I wish that you could share in the chocolate cake that your other mom made, but I am sure that by the time that you could, she'll make you another one for you to enjoy! Speaking of food, I cannot wait until your teeth come in so we could share! All those months of talking to him about what I've had for meals while I was pregnant with you sure has made their impacts!

He loves being in the kitchen, not only to eat but to look out the backyard. He also loves being tossed in the air and laughs heartily when we'd pretend to dance! The concentration on his face when he'd watch us cooking on the stove just tells us that he's taking notes for when it's time for him start cooking!

I hope that he'll always stay as curious and funny even when he's a grown up!

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