Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

To my Nerdstar Snuggle Bunny, and my Noah Maxx. You two have made my heart grow in the past six months, really, sixteen. And I know it will only grow more.

Our boy is six and a half months old. We're hoping he doesn't outgrow all his warm clothes before warmer weather is here to stay! This week he's rolling around the floor some. He sounds like a caveman when he's hungry. He still doesn't let us eat without him.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to eat and then shopping. As long as he can sit up enough in his car seat to see everything in the restaurant, he's a happy kid. He'll just sit and watch everything, everyone while we eat. He's pretty much the same when shopping. The other day I strapped him into the cart without his car seat for the first time. He leaned some, but you could tell he was so happy to look around better.

I told Nerdstar I'm getting closer to taking credit for how good he is. All of our time at home just chillin in his different chairs is good practice for going out in the world.

But, I know he'll be that much happier when he can finally run around and play.

Anyway. I love my baby mama and our boy so much!

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