Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starvin Marvin

That's what I tend to call Noah when he's all crying cuz he thinks he's starving. Sometimes there's even crying between bites! We're also considering calling him the tick - cuz he's gonna be fat as one soon!

He's drinking six 5 oz bottles a day - he's been doing that for months now. I think in the last few days he's started eating between 12 and 16 oz of solids. He's eating at least 3 oz four times a day. He's eating yogurt/banana, carrots/applesauce, peas/applesauce, sweet potato, squash and sometimes avocado. We're thinking of adding pears next.

Best we can figure, purees are pure energy foods. He's evidently burning it all off rolling around the floor and bouncing in his bouncy chair. Thankfully, while he's still getting taller, he's not getting rounder!


Sarah said...

I swear, who is this textbook kid who only eats "a serving the size of baby's fist"? Mine -- and most other kids I know -- eats a serving the size of Daddy's fist!

Beth said...

Exactly! We just feed him and keep him happy!