Thursday, February 3, 2011


I think it's gotta be weird to be a baby. Not that they know any different. As Noah becomes more aware of the world around him, I wonder all the time what in the world he's thinking. And, how is he thinking it if he doesn't have words yet. Yes, he finds ways to make his basic need(s) - being fed - known. He smiles and laughs and cries and groans and moans and hollers. But still...

Then there's the being man-handled and carried everywhere. We've long thought that he can't wait to be mobile. So does he think it's fun or annoying to have to be carried or moved to every new place? And the diaper changes and clothes changes - there's just no autonomy. Add to that the cold hands and wipes this long winter. Poor boy.

It's a long time yet before we know what's going on in his head to any degree. I'm just so curious what's going on in there now.


Lucy said...

I always wonder this whenever I hold a baby. I look down and just think "What are you thinking, little baby?" lol. But I also think the same about my dogs, haha.

Karol said...

Whenever Sadie is crawling somewhere and we want her to go elsewhere, I wonder what she's thinking when we just scoop her up and put her where we want her to be. Like, "wait, wasn't I going over there? How did I end up over here?"