Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Noah's skin dilemma

Just got a call from mama Beth, who was on her way back from the dermatologist with Noah Maxx. This is probably the last time that we'll be bringing him to the dermatologist, since not only was it quite a distance away from our home, but she's also another one of these doctors, in the effort to make as much money as possible, schedules 10+ patients in the same hour to been seen, and because of that, Noah and mom waited for over an hour to been seen.

Noah has eczema, and that has been chronicled in the past entries. Not only does his eczema flares up like a moody woman, but the worst of it has been the dryness, itchiness, and flakiness of his scalp. I can't tell you how many times that he had scratched his scalp so hard that there were bloody scratchmarks on his scalp. We've tried just about everything that the pediatrician recommended, cortisone based cream/ointment, dandruff shampoo in small amount to wash his hair, non-soap cleansers, you name it.

To the previous commenter who had stated that it's a food related thing, may I just respectfully disagree with you, since there has been a very limited amount of food that Noah has actually tried, and yes we did try soy formula.

Back to this particular dermatologist's opinions, she stated that Noah's skin has simply not been moisturized enough, she recommended that we use a thicker form of this already very thick lotion/ointment, mix baby shampoo and dandruff shampoo together and brush his scalp with a toothbrush during baths to get some flakes off, prescribed this oral medication for itch (but it might cause drowsiness), and asked to see Noah again in three weeks. (Chances are very low that will happen.) She had also stated that Noah's skin dilemma is something that will get better as the weather warms and he gets older....I certainly hope so!

Just trying the best that we can to help the boy feel less itchy, and hoping that his eczema is something that will get better with time!

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