Friday, April 29, 2011

9 Months

It took nine months, but our boy finally had his first fever and apparently has his first ear infection. He's getting in two more top teeth, so we think that was part of his problem with the fever on Wednesday and then throwing up last night. I knew he didn't feel well when he didn't want to wiggle his way around on the floor, but wanted to just sit with me. He was a good sick kid, not fussy, just less energy.

He had his 9 month check up today. We think he's a pretty tall kid, but in his measurements he's just dead average for height and a little on the skinny side. The pediatrician said we really need to phase out the purees and get him more into solid foods. I haven't been in a big hurry because he still can't/won't pick up his food and put it in his mouth. But, we're gonna start baking/steaming things so he can eat them instead of pureeing it. Now I'm seriously going to be Noah's chef.

His skin was getting better, but it's taken a turn for the worse in the last 36 hours. It's so frustrating. I have a feeling the teething and ear infection are using up his immune system so his skin is suffering for it.

Other than that it's all good. We think he's the cutest most wonderful kid ever. Every day he makes me smile and laugh. He's such a good kid. I have a feeling he'll have a little bit of a stubborn streak, but that's ok.

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Trish said...

I'm a holistic nutritionist and reccomend you read Dr. Doris Rapp's many bookd/articles on allergies in children. You will find amazing ideas and help for your little guy in managing his skin conditions and ensuring he grows up healthy inside and out!