Sunday, April 17, 2011


Noah Maxx is almost 9 months old, and everyday, I'd see him change a bit. It's not the kind of changes like he has grown 2 feet after a week or gained 5 pounds in 4 days. It's now he's looking less and less like a baby and more and more like he's morphing into a toddler.

Granted, he still cannot sit upright without falling over, and he cannot crawl yet (but the precursor movements all seem to be there). Yet he "talks" up a storm, loves to watch other kids play, and speaking of watching, I don't know if I've ever seen any babies as observant as he is. On Friday night, we went to the local burger place after work, and while we were eating, there was this store worker who was busy sweeping the floor, you should see how fascinated Noah Maxx was at what he was doing, he followed that guy visually for at least 20 minutes or so.

He is also more wiggly than ever! Nowadays, you cannot put him in his lounge chair for more than 10 minutes, or he'll try to climb his way out of the chair!

I like the weekends so much more because it's a chance for me to catch up on the times that I'd miss because of that job that I've got. Hard to balance between not having a job and having one that you no longer enjoy.

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H2 said...

Wow 9 months already?! Glad to hear he's doing well. :)