Sunday, April 10, 2011

Greatest Kid

I asked Nerdstar last night if everyone thinks their kid is as great as we think Noah Maxx is. I tend to think that parents fall a little out of love with their kids at some point. Or not that they love them less, maybe just like them less. I just don't know what that point is. Is it the "no" stage, the terrible twos, threes? I dunno. Mostly I hope our love for Noah Maxx just keeps growing as it has every day so far.

More than anything, I'm so grateful he's a happy kid. Nerdstar and I aren't serious people by any stretch, but we're not happy-go-lucky either. But I do spend a lot of time every day laughing at and with Noah. It's funny, even when he talks to himself, he'll talk some and then laugh. Like he's learned that's how speaking works, you say some stuff, and then you laugh. He's starting to really laugh more and I love it. Nerdstar was doing peek-a-boo with him and he just laughed and laughed.

For the past several years, I spent quite a bit of time alone in between jobs and moving and such. Once I knew Noah was going to be a reality, I was so happy to finally have someone to hang out with during the day, to run errands with and such. So I'm thrilled that so far he's great when doing these things. I know people in the grocery store think I'm crazy for the way I just talk to him about all of it as if he's gonna answer me.

I love how he takes in the world. From day one he's loved to people watch and just check out everything around him. Now that he's becoming more and more aware, he even more fun to watch. Actually, that's become one of my favorite things to do - just watch him do whatever he's doing. One of his favorite things to watch is other kids playing. From my desk, we can see out into the cul-de-sac. On the afternoons there are tons of kids out there playing, and he sees them, he just wants to watch. (Well, he really has always wanted to run around, but so far he's happy enough to watch.) So, we go sit out on the front step and he's just wide-eyed the whole time.

We also try to do a mom's group get together at least once a week. At the last one, there were two little girls about his age who had just started crawling. Usually the kids are a year older than him and he watches them, but doesn't interact. One of the little girls crawled up to him and they were so cute, patting each other's hair and stuff. He's pretty gentle from trying to pet Ramen dog.

He's so close to crawling, I give it about another week. I know so much changes once he's really in motion. It's hard to gauge how he's going to react to the word No. I've used it a couple of times when he's on my lap at the desk and reaching for the cords on the computer. He generally looks at me like "what in the world are you saying?" He's not particularly patient or impatient so far. Mostly my goal is to set things up so I have to use No fairly seldom.

He's also finally sleeping without his swaddle. And I'm not sure if I mentioned, he's also holding his bottle on his own. It's interesting to me how one day these things just change.

So yeah. We think he's the greatest thing ever.

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H2 said...

It's great to hear that he's doing so well and adjusting to running around. We were always really lucky that the kids like to be on the go.

As far as falling out of "like" with them, there are times that it's hard. Here at our house we are in one of those times and it is a crucial character building time for our four year old. She has started to identify as the "bad kid" because her older sister is very helpful and sensitive. Our 4 year old doesn't understand the concept of helping without being asked yet and so she lashes out. We have to be very conscious that we show her that we love HER, but we don't love the behavior that she's exhibiting.