Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recollections and some reflections of the past week

Hi everyone! It's my turn to say a few things about the past week or so. We've flew to Austin and back, with very few issues. As Beth had stated before, Noah Maxx handled flying like a pro! I am also so glad that he did not catch any of these "airplane germs" which got Beth pretty sick afterward.

Austin was great, as usual. Even though there are now more malls (the high class kind with the McCormack and Schmick's, etc.), and even was used to be the "ghetto" parts of the city have this air of sophistication to them. This city was where Beth and I had lived for some 5 plus years (she had been there before I was.), where we got our cats and dogs, and where I must have had a million jobs simply to make ends meet. Looking back, these were some pretty good times.

It was great to have taken Noah Maxx and friends and relatives to Zilker Park. The warm weather certainly helped! It also made me feel that Noah Maxx could feel at home just about anywhere, and that's a good thing.

Besides all the good things to eat over there, it also seems that most of our families and friends live somewhere in the state, and that made me think about moving back there one day also. Over where we currently live at, the cost of living is pretty high, not New York City or San Francisco high but high enough, and don't even mention to me about the lack of good food choices around here. (Unless you want to pay a lot of $ and take a gamble.) I think that one of these days, this rat race will end, and I'd be happy if we can pick up from there and then move back....hopefully with a cool gig. I think Noah Maxx will be really happy too over there, for starters, the weather is warmer and it's better for his poor skin.

We shall see what happens....

Now Beth has been sick for this entire week, and since she was down for the count, I had to take off work for most of the week to help take care of Noah Maxx. I don't mind it, work, as of lately, has not been any place fun to be in. The time off also gave me a chance to see how fun the little man is! Noah Maxx, on the other hand, had also learned during the course of the week that I can be manipulated pretty easily :-) Looks very unlikely that I'll be the disciplinarian.....sorry B!


Melissa said...

We left Austin a little over 6 months ago and I don't think I'll ever get over it. It's a great city. Glad you had a good trip and an uneventful flight :)

Beth said...

We've been out of Austin for over 5 years now, but get to go back every so often. We always talk about eventually making our way back to live there. Who knows.