Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RIP Silly aka Queen Silly Butt

You were with me for almost 14 years. I found you at a little family farm outside Austin. You fit in the palm of my hand, but you were all tough and feisty. I said you were silly - and it stuck. Not one day of your life were you ever actually silly - which led to us calling you Queen Silly Butt.

You moved with us all around the country. When we brought home Little Man, you hit him upside the head right off the bat, and although he was twice your size, he never messed with you.

Then we did the ultimate in evil and brought home a dog. You didn't like him much either.

I'm sorry you got sick and we couldn't get you better. We're going to miss you a lot.


Anonymous said...

I am so so sorry. And sad for you.

Jennifer Tuan said...

So sorry for your loss.