Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silly cat

Took our girl cat to the veterinary internist this morning, hoping that he'll find out what is wrong with her and help to cure it. (Caption: Silly is the cat on the right.)

She had been losing a lot of weight but all of her tests were normal, barring a case of anemia.

Turned out she had a serious case of stomach cancer, even the ultrasound took a lot out of her, she was that weak. The vet said she was much too weak to undergo any sort of treatment, he recommended putting her to sleep. We were going to say goodbye to her before she was put to sleep later on this afternoon. However the vet called back and told us that she wouldn't even make it that long. So we consented and will pick up her ashes at a later date.

I never thought that we'd never see her again, not like this, but it's a lot better for her to be out of her suffering sooner than later.

I wasn't there for all of her 14 years, but I was there for almost 12 of it. You were one of the smartest cats that I've even seen, and not only that, you were able to put Little Man (our boy cat) and Ramen dog in line, something that I'm still not able to do to this day. You laid close to my belly when I was pregnant with Noah Maxx, as if to try to hear him, and you've made sure that we woke up for Noah Maxx's feedings in case we didn't promptly hop off of our bed to go and feed him. I'll also miss doing your butt rubs, and I hope you'll be off to a place where that's plentiful, plus flowing fountains filled with ranch dressing (your favorite flavor).

We'll miss you a lot... it'll not be the same without you.

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D said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. As the owner of two cats and a dog, it's so heartbreaking to think of the day that they'll leave us. Thoughts and hugs to y'all.