Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 New Pics

I call him "monkey boy" because he's always using his foot to help hold his bottle.

He's still got a few rough places on his scalp from the eczema, and his hair was getting a bit wild, so for the third time in under a year, we shaved his head. I think it makes him look a little like a baby monk.


meridith said...

I have heard no end from some folks around her that some cultures encourage early head shaving because it means the hair grows in thicker and healthier. This is usually in response to seeing our bald child. I think he looks great!

Beth said...

Yes, I think Hispanic culture usually shaves heads, maybe around a year old.

And Ching had her head shaved when she was a baby - we have the cutest pics!

As for us poorly haired white people - I'm not sure there's much hope. I didn't have hair on the top of my head until I was 2, I looked like a little clown!

Val said...

He's a cutie pie no matter what the hairsytle he's sporting! cannot believe that he's had that many hair cuts in his short little life! :)