Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 10th. month, Noah Maxx!

Happy 10 months old, Noah Maxx! You can now sit up pretty well, and also crawl really fast in your frogman like crawl. Your skin is still a mess but we are trying the best we can with both Eastern and Western medicine.

You're still the funniest baby ever as you crawl into the kitchen to check out what we are cooking or washing. I've got to say that your stubborn streak is now showing and I wonder where you got that from? :-)

I love spending time with you and speaking in "ba's and blah's" with you! You yell at me a lot at times because I haven't been feeding you fast enough.

In two more months, you'll be one year old, wow does time fly or what? It seems like every other day you'll do or "say" something that's really neat! You are crawling so fast, it makes me think that you'll be running before you start walking!

Stay sweet, and your mamas love you so very much!

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