Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Last Week

Last Wednesday we caught a good glimpse at two more top teeth coming in. And Noah had his first teething reaction, a slight fever. He was a really sweet sick boy. The best way I could tell he didn't feel well was he wasn't moving around all over the floor and he wanted to be held. Thankfully, he felt a lot better Thursday.

Friday was his 9 month pediatrician apt. I came away from it feeling like I was doing everything wrong. When she asked about what he's eating and I said he was still during purees, she was like, "No, he should be eating more solids by now, eating more of what you're eating." Oh, ok. Then we went over motor skills. He still isn't sitting up on his own. (How do you get a boy who has only wanted to run for months now to sit still?) Said his leg tone wasn't great and he should be working more on pulling himself up. Um, I thought he was doing good to be making progress toward crawling.

And, of course, he had his first ear infection.

The ear infection led to him being on amoxicillin, which led to his very first diaper blow out. All I can say is thank God we were both there to deal with it, that it didn't happen in the car, and that he wasn't bothered by it at all! Poor boy had diarrhea for the next three days. Thankfully, no more blow outs, and it seems to have gotten better yesterday.

Naturally, all of this stuff led to his skin problem acting up. That's better today, too.

The good side is, the last couple of days he's finally sat up on his own much better. We're working on pulling up and standing with me just holding his hands more. He thinks it's fun.

We're trying to use up the purees we'd already made and figure out what to feed him instead. He still loves his banana and yogurt in the mornings. I baked him a sweet potato and he likes that. Yesterday I steamed a carrot for him and he ate the whole thing. Today I'm going to try steaming some peas to go with another carrot. He ate a whole small orange the other night after we cut it into little pieces. But he had a harder time chewing up little pieces of apple. He still likes mangoes, didn't like watermelon or cantaloupe.

He still can't quite pick up food and put it into his mouth yet. Hopefully soon.

The cutest thing he does this week is his fantastic downward dog pose and instead of doing a real crawl he's doing a perfect inch worm move. I'm trying to get it on video. He's not at all phased by the word No. He's such a good natured boy who laughs with me all the time.


Sarah said...

Mine also likes little bits of fresh mozzarella. Easy to chew.

Also, I still feed C a lot of stuff by spoon, it's just chunkier. So you could buy a bag of frozen broccoli, carrot, cauliflower mix, steam it, and then chop it really fine with a knife or processor. Then it's tiny bits but not puree.

Sorry if this is all common knowledge...I just remember I felt so confused at 9 mos trying to figure out how to make the transition to chunkier and chunkier.

Beth said...

We tried a little bit of cheese. Not sure it wasn't hard on his digestive system, or if it was bad timing.

He didn't really like broccoli or cauliflower. We'll try those again later.

For me it's more a question of how to cook and store things so they don't go bad when he's only eating a little of it a day.

Sarah said...

Oh I know, that stinks. I waste a lot, unfortunately. I microwave steam small portions, but if you do it too small you get that arcing-lightning in the microwave thing.

Mine is coo-coo for lima beans...if you cook the heck out of them, they're really soft.