Friday, May 6, 2011

Noah and Ramen

Life has certainly gotten much more frustrating for our poor, old (he's 12) Ramen dog now that Noah is mobile.

Noah has always loved Ramen, has watched him all the time, loves his fluffy tail.

Ramen loves me. He's always where I am. This now poses a problem because while Ramen could simply go sleep in another room, he won't. That means Noah can now inch worm his way over to Ramen all the time and pet his feet, or try to pet his tail and end up pulling it. Noah is mostly very gentle with Ramen, but baby hands tend to grab things and not let go.

Me, well, after spending so many years telling Ramen to "Move" all damn day to get him out of my way when trying to walk anywhere in the house, I'm kind of enjoying Ramen's new problem of having to get up and move about six feet across the room every so often.

Thankfully, Ramen is a gentle, patient dog with Noah.

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