Monday, May 16, 2011

So Lucky

I think I might have mentioned a time or two that if we told you just how good Noah is, you wouldn't believe us. Every night when we go to bed we talk about how cute he is, what all he did that day, and how lucky we are to have him.

Oh sure, there can be real tears if you're in the middle of feeding him and get up to do something like, get more food. And the way he yells at us to tell us he's hungry, well, for now it's still cute, along with the way he'll grunt between bites if you're not feeding him fast enough.
Can you tell he has a thing about food? If he had a motto it would be "The Hunger... It HURTS".

Generally, though, he's fun to be around. He has this cute way of cocking his head to one side and grinning at us. He is also fantastic at social laughing. Friday night we went out to dinner, on the drive home one of us said something funny and laughed. Then from the backseat came this laugh from Noah, which of course made us laugh again. So we laughed back and forth for about ten minutes of the drive home. It's cool, from almost day one he would recognize my laugh and look at me and see what was up.

He's also so well behaved in public. Saturday, we went to a friend's baby shower. He pretty much just hung out with us and ate all the grapes. After that we went out to eat again, and although he was starting to get tired, he didn't get fussy. I'm so glad he's so flexible schedule-wise. I used to think we should work harder to get him on a more regular schedule. But maybe it's worked out better.

He's happier now that he can inch-worm his way around the house. He's so good about just hanging out and playing with his toys while I'm online or in the kitchen or whatever. He loves "chasing" Ramen around. Ramen has finally learned that the way to deal with Noah is to get up and move. Unfortunately, he'll move about four feet, which takes Noah all of 30 seconds to cross.

Also, while he's hanging out, he'll grab one of his books and lay on his back and "talk" as if he's reading it. So cute.

He still really wants to be able to run around. We were at Ikea yesterday, and he saw some kids playing and so we had to at least go hang out in that area. He was so sad when they left and so we left.

I've taken him to the park down the street to swing a couple of times. He thinks that's pretty cool.

So yeah. We still think he's the greatest thing ever.

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