Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nicknames and Books

Apparently, the nicknames I have for Noah that have stuck are Handsome, Shorty, and Sweetness.

I realized the other day I've done more reading since he's been born than in a few years before him. I sit and read while he plays. I got through 85% of Laura Bush's biography. It kept making me cry when I'd read about 9/11, or 9/11 families, or women in Afghanistan. It's a good read though. I read the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm a little surprised at kids reading them. Hope the movies are good. I re-read Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions. It was refreshingly honest about her son's first year. I just finished The Lottery and 24 other short stories by Shirley Jackson. They were written in the mid-40s and that, more than anything made them interesting, but mostly, I felt like I was missing the point. I'm just starting The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I enjoyed her other books.

Not often, but sometimes, I'll read out loud to Noah while he plays. He likes to pick up his books, lay on his back, and at least appear to pretend to read. He likes The Hungry Caterpillar book.

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