Monday, June 20, 2011

General Update

Things are good.

Noah's getting good at pulling up on things and trying to balance standing up more. He thinks it's a blast. I'd say there's at least a small chance he'll be walking by his birthday. He's so ready to run around.

We're still working to get Noah's skin all cleared up. Took him to another dermatologist Friday, she gave him some stronger ointments. Two weeks or so ago, his skin was at it's all-time worst. Today it looks just about the best it has. We think it's due to the Chinese herbs we get from Austin. The derm wanted us to stop using those with these new ointments, we think otherwise. We'll see if this is just a good part of the cycle or if maybe he's turning a corner and getting better. It's hard not knowing a real cause or cure, everyone says he'll hopefully grow out of it one day.

One of those little things about being a parent with a baby/toddler is the not going to movie theaters anymore. Now, we had gotten to where we didn't see a lot of movies in the theater anyway - too expensive, too many people making noise, hot theater, etc. For 95% of movies, I really would rather sit on my sofa and watch them in peace and quiet at home. But, that means I'm watching the movies when everyone else has forgotten about them. Watched True Grit over the weekend. Can't say I thought it was as great as everyone else seemed to.

Speaking of hot theaters - what's up with that? In Texas, where it's hot as hell half of the year, public buildings are generally freezing, as they should be. Here in Virginia where the weather is a little milder, the malls and theaters are hot and icky. Bleh.


Ann said...

Many movie theatres have a Baby/Mommy/Daddy showtime during the week. I know my daughter and her friends go to them quite often in her part of the country. Maybe check and see if they have them in your area.

Beth said...

I'm pretty sure they have that around here, but it'll be quite a while before Noah's ready to sit still for that long! Now that he's in motion he wants to stay in motion.

We really don't miss theaters, it's just interesting watching things after all the "buzz" has gone.

meridith said...

Going to movies is probably the thing I miss most. Well, at least the most PG rated thing. RR might sit still for one but there aren't options for a baby around here and frankly, with daycare, we can't afford the movies anyway! We just saw The King's Speech!

Beth said...

We really liked The King's Speech.

Trish Canuck said...

Thumbs up on the Chinese herbs. You are definitely on the right path. Ointment only treats the symptoms, not the underlying issue. Diet - including herbal remedies - is the answer. Skin issues and allergies are ALL digestion related. I know I've mentioned this before but seriously - read Carolyn Bateson-Koch's Allergies - Diseases in Disguise. She's a naturopath and very well respected.