Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who Is This Kid?

We've been living with our Noah Maxx for almost a year now. Today we were talking about how we don't really know much about him yet. We have no idea what kind of music he'll like, what he'll like to wear, watch, do... you get the picture.

But, here's what we know so far:

He really, really can't wait to run.
He will yell between bites if you don't feed him fast enough. If that fails, there will be actual tears.
He laughs at his own jokes (we have no idea what they are) and will laugh whenever he hears someone else laugh.
He talks to beings in our house that we can't see.
He loves Ramen dog.
He's content to play by himself, but also loves to watch older kids playing.
He reads and talks to himself more than he talks to us.
If you say yes, or nod your head yes, he will only shake his head NO.

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