Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Few Birthday Pictures

Well, Noah's 1st birthday was a low-key family affair because the grandparents were in town. We got an ice cream cake. He likes ice cream and the cake wasn't too bad either.

I went ahead and got a few books for his future reading.

His favorite toys, other than balls to throw, are the ones where he can push a button and music plays. It was hard to find one we liked, but this has easy to push buttons and more than three songs, so it's cool.

And while he loves the music his toys play, he never really pays any attention when I have the iPod playing. But, we got him some more tunes anyway.

Granny and Pa brought him a few old toys, mine or my brothers or my nephews. I love that none of them have batteries!

The rocking chair was mine as a child. The tigger chair was my nephews. Pretty cool.

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