Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Changes

No, this isn't our version of Big Pimpin'.

I sold my motorcycle this evening. I really miss riding. There's just not much out there like it. It takes enough concentration, and then if you're lucky, there's nice enough scenery to push out all other thoughts. If you know me at all, you know that's a big deal. My brain is deadly.

But, I've never really enjoyed riding here in northern Virginia. Yes, you can get out into horse country, but I'd need a GPS for that. I enjoyed riding with a group our first summer here, but it fell apart and finding another one just didn't happen. Then, well, Noah came along. And while I don't have to sell it, I could ride on some weekends if I really wanted to, it's just not worth the time away and the inherent risk.

My current daydream is that in a few years we'll get a nice little RV and a couple of mopeds and do some of our big road trips.

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