Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Little Event

Well, we're getting closer to surgery day. Ten days ago I got my blood drawn. Then, last Friday I spent over an hour at the hospital getting pre-registered and meeting with a nurse to fill out info and learn about the process from start to finish. I've never had surgery before. I also met with the surgeon for about two minutes last Friday. I actually like that he's young and no-nonsense. The nurse I met with at the hospital said he's really good.

So, I show up at the hospital at 9:00 Friday morning and go straight to the surgery area. Thankfully I don't have to go through registration that morning. Then it's an hour and a half of getting ready for surgery - changing into gown, getting the IV in, talking with anesthesiologist, whatever. Then, as long as they can do this laparscopicly and don't have to open me up, the procedure will take about an hour. Then it's a couple of hours of post-op recovery. With any luck, we'll be at the hospital around six hours. Not bad.

Now, I'm not worried about any of it. Which is weird for me. But I do think the whole surgery thing is strange. I'll come home missing a part of me. Now, I'm really glad (and optimistic) that they don't have to actually open me up to look inside. I've always thought that would be so creepy.

Nerdstar and Noah will be at the hospital while I'm there. We're still trying to sort out billing from Noah's birth, so she'll hopefully be able to speak to someone in person and explain that they have failed to take into account $ the insurance company gave them. Ugh. It's been so crazy. We always wonder what people do who don't have the skills/time to keep up with wrong bills like this - they just get screwed it seems. That will keep them busy part of the time. Other than that, we'll pack lots of snacks for Noah and hopefully find a nice, long hallway for him to crawl up and down as fast as he can.

Monday, my parents should be arriving. They're driving up from Dallas this weekend. My techno-phobe folks even bought a Garmin for the trip. They had been planning a road trip this summer already, and I explained that they should drive the rest of the way here for Noah's birthday. Then this surgery came up and we scheduled everything so they'd be here for it and his bday. Because even if everything goes well, I can't pick up Noah for about a week.

So, that's the run down.


Val said...

you're sounding very confident and I'm sure it's all going to be fine.

Just remember to breathe... :)

Beth said...

Well, I'll be out for the whole thing - so it's a good thing breathing is automatic :-)