Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Noah At Play

For reasons unclear to me, most of Noah's favorite toys are trash - literally. He loves to crawl around with a baggy in his fist. (It's pretty funny to watch him crawl around with anything in his fist, but he's getting better at it!) He got a water bottle that still has a little bit of water in and loves to shake it. Of course, there's the cardboard tube from the foil. He also loves to pull up on the kitchen trash can and start throwing the trash on the floor. I guess he's looking for new toys.

Other than those, he likes toys that play music when he pushes buttons. And it was surprisingly hard to find him a new/good one like that for his birthday. But we found one. He still loves to throw balls and go get them. The most fun place to throw a ball is past the rails and down the stairs.

His other favorite pastime is pulling up on everything and pulling everything possible onto the floor. My brilliant strategy for that is to leave it all on the floor until the end of the day. Poor boy only gets to pull everything down once day.

Maybe most of all though, he loves to crawl very, very fast.

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