Monday, July 18, 2011

So far.....

Hi everyone! This is Nerdstar and I'm just here to put in a long overdue entry. We're about 11 days away from Noah Maxx's first birthday, and 4 days away from B's gallbladder surgery. Life is moving on in its usual fast pace.

After almost a year into my tenure at the big bad defense contracting company, I've arrived at the conclusion that it's no longer worth it, the long commutes, the cooperativeness at work, and management whose sole concern is profit and nothing else. (It's really what companies are supposed to do anyways, but there are better ways to do it and keep the employees somewhat happy, aren't there?) So I'm going to try and look for a hopefully better alternative...wish me luck!

Noah Maxx, at almost one year old, is amazing as usual. I'd get such kicks out of watching him crawling at lightening fast speed, his determination, feeding his huge appetite, and "conversating" with him in his baby speech. Heck, we've even napped in sync! Took a rare nap yesterday while he was taking his, not only did we we both sleep for almost 2 hours and both of us were also so quiet that B. thought that she had to check on both of us to make sure that we're still alive!

Hope that B's surgery goes well. Noah Maxx and I will be at the hospital waiting for her while the surgery and the recovery are taking place. I really hope that there are spaces that he can craw around and explore in!

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Val said...

Good luck with the job hunt! :) It's tough out there, but having a job will make it somewhat less stressful, hopefully.

Can't believe that Noah Maxx is going to be turning 1 already! Damn, that was fast!