Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Frustrations

Noah's skin problems have improved greatly, but they still remain. The most frustrating part of this is that he will scratch parts of his skin until it bleeds - usually his hand or foot, but also the crook of his arms and knees. He sometimes does this in his car seat when we can't see/stop him. But, he does it other random times as well. Now, colder weather will help because more of his skin will be covered, but, it seems harder than it should be to keep long, snug socks on his feet. Today, I even tried putting his shoes on as well, then one of them fell off and I gave up. I don't really want shoes on him because he's not walking yet and it's better if he's not in shoes. I hate that he scratches. Nerdstar hates that he scratches. We try to keep his nails really short, but he's not a big fan of nail trimming either.

Monday, Noah woke up with a totally stopped up nose. No fever, he's not sick, really, just lots of snot in his nose. This is a problem because apparently it keeps him from swallowing any drool at all - it ALL leaks out. The top half of his shirt is soaked by the afternoon. This is in spite of me keeping the little fleece wash clothes nearby to wipe his face as much as possible. Because that's lots of fun, too.

Thankfully, none of this affects his moods. Just mine it seems.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mini Vacation

We kept trying to think of a weekend getaway, but nothing really seemed good for the boy. But either the drive was too long, or there just wasn't anything to do appropriate for his age and abilities.

So, we decided to just spend a night at a pretty nice hotel close to home. It had an indoor pool and hot tub, and the malls and restaurants nearby were good.

We took Noah to this big play area at the mall we'd taken him to before. There are always tons of kids running around and it's fun to watch what looks like chaos, but amazingly the kids rarely run into each other.

Apparently, this area isn't big enough for Noah. He repeatedly crawls right for the exit and out into the wide open mall area. We have no idea why. He can't walk on his own yet, but he loves holding our hands and walking, so we did a lot of that. I guess he finally got over his wanderlust and decided to play in the play area.

That evening we took him down to the pool.

There weren't any steps or a really shallow part for him to sit and splash around, but he really liked us holding him in the water and moving him around. Unfortunately, the water was a little cold and after about fifteen minutes we had to get him out and warm him up!

After dinner we just hung out in the room. He was so tired and it took him a while to fall asleep.

Sunday morning, Nerdstar got up early and went to do the Navy 5 mile run with some friends. She finished in 1 hour 8 minutes - pretty darn good for someone who works out some but didn't really train for it.

Then we had a good breakfast and took Noah back to the play area at the mall. He headed for the exit again, but not as many times as the day before.

A little shopping and then it was time for home. Funny how even one night away is both good for getting out of the house, and yet enough to make you glad to be home.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Playing Fetch

Ramen has never played fetch. But, for at least six months, Noah's favorite thing to do is throw balls and go get them. He's also always been really good at playing catch if you position yourself right.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A short note from Nerdstar

Noah Maxx is getting so very close to walking, that I am thinking that it'll happen anytime now. He is already standing up on his own from time to time, and had even taken "baby steps", but as soon as he realized that he was standing on his own, he'd quickly sit back down.

We had also shaved his head for the 4th. time in his short life. If you don't look at him from his right side and the backside, his haircut actually looks pretty good!

I included a pic of him before his shave.

His skin is still an issue, but we're doing to best we can to try to not let it get worse.

Overall, he's just growing in every way and we're still so happy to have him in our lives!

So Sweet

Yesterday morning, Noah and I were hanging out in his room, I was in the rocking chair. He came up and pretty much threw me out so he could sit in it and rock. That cracked me up.

This morning, I was in the chair again. This time, he crawled up in my lap and laid there and fell asleep. As if that wasn't sweet enough, he did the same thing this afternoon. We just sat and rocked in silence. Most content moments of my life - or darn near close to it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

From 1979

"Is Your Child Ready for 1st Grade?"

Funny how it's the being able to walk around the neighborhood that's talked about. I guess I was a "free-range" kid growing up. My elementary school was just behind the house across the street from us, but due to fences, I walked all the way down the block, turned the corner, down half a block, and across the street. I mostly loved walking to school and back. My best friend and I would always make an adventure out of it.

But, to illustrate just how powerful my fear of Mom was, and how it would have kept me safe, I'll tell one story.

I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade and there was an after school cupcake sale. It was also pouring rain. I had four cupcakes on top of my old metal lunchbox and was walking home. Some lady in a car offered me a ride, and as miserable as I was, I said, "no." I knew I wasn't supposed to get in the car with strangers. Years later when I told my Mom this story, she laughed and said, "but she was a friend of mine," and I said, "well, I didn't know her."

Ok, one more story. At some point around that same time, maybe a little later, three or four guys, probably in their 20's moved into the house two doors down from us. I don't remember much about them, or how long they lived there (not very long), but I remember sitting right in the doorway because I knew there was no way I was allowed to go in that house.

From the time I learned how to ride a bike, I was riding it all over the neighborhood. The only time I got in serious trouble for it was actually for riding down our sloped driveway, out into the street, in front of a car. My Mom happened to see that out of the window, and boy was I in trouble!

I loved spending so much time outside with my friends, riding bikes, exploring places, walking to school and back in all kinds of weather.

I hope to find a way to let Noah have some freedom and adventure!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week and 1 Day Old

Kinda fun.

I don't think there are any real, big changes going on currently, just the little every day ones.

We finally bought him a couple of pair of shoes. I think he has big feet - size 5W to start! So we got that size and the next size up. He won't wear them too often, but we'll have them for when he finally starts walking and we take him to the park. We have a Stride Rite outlet nearby - wow they're still expensive. We spent the same amount on two pair of shoes and some socks that I spent on his entire winter wardrobe at a consignment store. The consignment store isn't all that close, but it's a really good one. I got seven pairs of pants (corduroy, sweats and jeans), seven or so long sleeve onsies, 3 winter onsies to sleep in, and six or seven long sleeve shirts and fleece pullovers for about $74.

We joke that for Noah it's not the clothes that make the man, it's the man that makes the clothes! He just looks so handsome in his shirts and pants.

He also got his first real bruise on his forehead. He clocked it on the corner of a wall in the bathroom. He seems to take getting hurt pretty well. It takes a decent hurt to make him cry, and then he doesn't cry too long.

He's getting closer to walking, but doesn't seem to be in any hurry to do it. He'll stand on his own when he doesn't know that he is.

Mostly he's still just so fun to hang out with. I guess it was Friday night he decided to stay up until 11 to play and hang out with us. Poor Nerdstar and I were ready to fall asleep about 9! He loves when she's home. If she leaves for work when he's up, he'll cry as she's leaving, but is fine once she's gone. And he's always so happy when she comes home from work. I love it. And on the weekends he insists she does everything for him - which I also love!

He and I have our weekday routines. Wake up, bottle of milk, play, oatmeal, play, watch youtube videos, play in room, a nap in there somewhere, milk, play, lunch, tell him it's my turn to eat lunch - he ate his, apple juice, play, argue over leaving things like his night-light alone, maybe read his books, maybe watch his videos again, hopefully nap #2, more milk, wait for Ma to get home!