Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week and 1 Day Old

Kinda fun.

I don't think there are any real, big changes going on currently, just the little every day ones.

We finally bought him a couple of pair of shoes. I think he has big feet - size 5W to start! So we got that size and the next size up. He won't wear them too often, but we'll have them for when he finally starts walking and we take him to the park. We have a Stride Rite outlet nearby - wow they're still expensive. We spent the same amount on two pair of shoes and some socks that I spent on his entire winter wardrobe at a consignment store. The consignment store isn't all that close, but it's a really good one. I got seven pairs of pants (corduroy, sweats and jeans), seven or so long sleeve onsies, 3 winter onsies to sleep in, and six or seven long sleeve shirts and fleece pullovers for about $74.

We joke that for Noah it's not the clothes that make the man, it's the man that makes the clothes! He just looks so handsome in his shirts and pants.

He also got his first real bruise on his forehead. He clocked it on the corner of a wall in the bathroom. He seems to take getting hurt pretty well. It takes a decent hurt to make him cry, and then he doesn't cry too long.

He's getting closer to walking, but doesn't seem to be in any hurry to do it. He'll stand on his own when he doesn't know that he is.

Mostly he's still just so fun to hang out with. I guess it was Friday night he decided to stay up until 11 to play and hang out with us. Poor Nerdstar and I were ready to fall asleep about 9! He loves when she's home. If she leaves for work when he's up, he'll cry as she's leaving, but is fine once she's gone. And he's always so happy when she comes home from work. I love it. And on the weekends he insists she does everything for him - which I also love!

He and I have our weekday routines. Wake up, bottle of milk, play, oatmeal, play, watch youtube videos, play in room, a nap in there somewhere, milk, play, lunch, tell him it's my turn to eat lunch - he ate his, apple juice, play, argue over leaving things like his night-light alone, maybe read his books, maybe watch his videos again, hopefully nap #2, more milk, wait for Ma to get home!

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