Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Frustrations

Noah's skin problems have improved greatly, but they still remain. The most frustrating part of this is that he will scratch parts of his skin until it bleeds - usually his hand or foot, but also the crook of his arms and knees. He sometimes does this in his car seat when we can't see/stop him. But, he does it other random times as well. Now, colder weather will help because more of his skin will be covered, but, it seems harder than it should be to keep long, snug socks on his feet. Today, I even tried putting his shoes on as well, then one of them fell off and I gave up. I don't really want shoes on him because he's not walking yet and it's better if he's not in shoes. I hate that he scratches. Nerdstar hates that he scratches. We try to keep his nails really short, but he's not a big fan of nail trimming either.

Monday, Noah woke up with a totally stopped up nose. No fever, he's not sick, really, just lots of snot in his nose. This is a problem because apparently it keeps him from swallowing any drool at all - it ALL leaks out. The top half of his shirt is soaked by the afternoon. This is in spite of me keeping the little fleece wash clothes nearby to wipe his face as much as possible. Because that's lots of fun, too.

Thankfully, none of this affects his moods. Just mine it seems.


Sarah said...

One of my confessions: I took C to a mommy group when she was just 3 weeks old. Another mom with a 1 year old was asking advice on how to trim her son's nails. Stupid me, I was so puzzled: duh, lady, you just cut them. Little did I know. It's funny, it's one of those judgments that stuck with me, something to haunt me when I start to judge parents of older kids again :)

I sit mine in front of youtube and let her watch songs/video while I trim. It's the only way to mesmerize her long enough to get them cut.

Beth said...

I generally do Noah's in his high chair after he eats. It's easier to do his toes than fingers.