Sunday, October 16, 2011

More about Noah Maxx, and stuff...

We took Little Man's leftover supplies (kitty litter, cat food, and his scratching board) to the county animal shelter, and while we were there, we took a look at the cats and the dogs which were waiting to be adopted. There were more cats than dogs there, and they were all very adorable. Of course, we spent a bit more time at the cat section than at the dog section. Noah was chuckling at this one cat that noticed him and they were playing paw paw with each other separated by the clear plastic door.

Funny because I never really considered myself a cat person, but you just can't have two cats live with you for more than 10 years and not become some kind of a fan. O.k, I'm not the "cat lady" sort of a fan, just to clarify.

I miss the cats terribly, sleeping was kind of strange for the first few days after Little Man had passed away because there was no cats to walk on either of us.

We don't think that we'll get another cat until after Ramen goes. It wouldn't be fair for him to have to get used to another pet. I know that he probably doesn't care, but sometimes, I wonder.

As Beth had stated before, Noah loves Ramen, and would love it if Ramen could play chase or something with him.

To switch gears for just a bit...

Noah Maxx's sleeping and eating schedule has been on the shifting side this past week or so. He is now down to one nap a day, and I'm sure that if he could, he would just write off naps altogether. It has been hard to really know what time during the day is the best for him to nap. I think he's the type of kid who runs on an extra tank of reserved fuel when tiredness hits him! This has to be payback, I don't remember being a huge fan of napping during my early years, and now I don't even really have that opportunity anymore!

Thankfully, he is still sleeping through the night, at an almost 12 hour stretch!

About his diet, he has decided that he no longer likes the peas in the peas and carrot that we'd feed to him. He's still a big fan of string cheeses, cottage cheese, grapes, apples, blueberries, some sweet potatoes, yogurt, oranges, whole milk, apple juice, and oatmeal. (I just described his overall diet.) Still tells us no when it comes to meat, eggs, or anything else. I hope that changes, because I do still harbors the fantasy that he would become my partner in eating!

One of the biggest development would be the fact that he's walking unassisted. See the previous video post for an idea of how he is walking right now, with ever increasing improvement. Soon, we'll have to get a kiddie leash because we know that he'll simply take off and run when he gets a chance!

Man, it seems just like it was only yesterday when he was laying in his bassinet and we were taking turns to feed and change him overnight, and now he's "talking" and understanding more of what we're saying to him, not to mention his strong opinion of what he wants and does not wants!

I hope that one day Noah will know just how great and fascinating he has been and is still to us!

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