Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Noah Update

While other things in life haven't been so great, life with Noah is still pretty darn amazing.

He's still not walking on his own, but he loves to walk with us holding his hands. We took him to the State Fair Sunday evening to get out of the house and into some great weather. He didn't want to spend any of the time in his stroller, he wanted to walk, and walk, and walk. We're sure it won't be long until his most used phrase is "come ON." By the time we were headed home we were really amazed at just how much walking he'd done.

His favorite pastime is still throwing and chasing balls. He's finally figured out how to throw them forward instead of to his side. I'm impressed with that. He's also getting good at playing catch. I told Nerdstar we have every man's dream son - he just wants to run around and play catch all the time.

He's always loved watching Ramen. Lately he's tried a couple of times to get Ramen to chase him or play with him. It's just so sad. Ramen is not, has never been, a dog who plays. He doesn't play fetch, he doesn't play with other dogs, he doesn't play. He just wants to have his belly rubbed and to take walks. Those two things are a ways off for Noah.

Last night he cracked us up. We were eating dinner and he wasn't all that hungry. We had him in his high chair trying to feed him some grapes. He needs a bib for grapes, and he kept looking right at Nerdstar and pulling his bib off. So, we got him out of his high chair and told him to go play. He would play for a minute then come and whine at Nerdstar. Then, she got up to get something and he came and moved her chair from the table about three feet over towards the living area.

He's a great kid. He's cute and smart and fun and goofy.


Anonymous said...

Some unsolicited advice from someone that's just read a little of your blog about your son's eczema.
I was born with eczema all over. Back in the 60's, there wasn't much anyone could do. Calamine lotion was about it. Summers were the worst, and I would be shipped to an aunt's house to swim in their pool, as the chlorine would dry out the rash. Not so much help in the middle of the winter in New England!
As I got older, we seemed to pinpoint some of the dietary allergies - eggs, tomatoes and oranges - and I avoided them. But then I found that sometimes it was also soap (hand soap and clothes soap) and other things I came in contact with. Grass was a biggie, and I loved to go barefoot outside. Not good. I swear, sometimes I wanted to just take my skin off!
Cortisone creams and ointments from the dermatologist did little if anything to alleviate the itch and rash. Especially once the big blisters set in.
On one particularly bad flare up, a friend suggested a non-soap soap (I can't remember which one, but now I use Cetaphil) and a wet dressing called Domboro, which is a boric acid-based miracle cure you can find in the drug store.
I mix the double strength, soak a washcloth in it and apply to the itchies - Bliss! and it dries out the blisters. I leave the solution in a jar in the fridge and the cold also helps the itch. Within hours, the blisters start to go away. I use a cortisone cream with aloe, or sometimes just the aloe cream, to moisturize the skin when it gets really dry.
Anyho, if you can find Domboro and get Noah to sit still long enough to put the washcloth on the itchies, maybe it will help him.
Really enjoyed reading your blog.

Beth said...

At the last derm. visit, he recommended Domboro and it's worked really well. Like us, he also is fairly sure Noah's eczema isn't allergy related, but hereditary.