Saturday, October 8, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Thursday afternoon, we took Noah to a new dermatologist who was recommended by someone Nerdstar knows. I was hesitant because Noah's already seen five people for his eczema, would this new doc really have anything new to say. It seems he did. He talked more than we would have liked (we're different that way), but he had some new info on how eczema works and a new steroid cream to try for it, plus a couple of over the counter things. So far they seem to be working well.

We were in different cars, so Noah and I got home before Nerdstar. I happened to go into the bedroom before bringing Noah upstairs. I saw a small-ish pool of blood on the floor and assumed our cat Little Man had chewed up some small critter. I went to see if I could find said critter and found a much larger pool of blood in the laundry room (thankfully there's tile there and not carpet like the bedroom). I was still thinking it was a critter's blood and not Little Man's. (Peroxide does a decent job of getting blood out of carpets, fabrics.)

When Noah and I came upstairs, I found Little Man lying under the desk, awake, but it was still a weird place for him to be, and he didn't run away or anything.

Nerdstar came home a few minutes later and I showed the blood spots to her. She thought it was Little Man's blood. We really didn't know what to do at that point. Having gone though taking Silly to an emergency vet, knowing how expensive it is, and that it didn't really seem to help in the end, all made us hesitant to head to the emergency vet on a Thursday evening.

We decided to put Little Man in a crate and keep an eye on him, hoping we could at least wait until morning to take him to our regular vet. We later set him up with food and water in the bathroom. About 10:30, before going to bed, I went and checked on him and realized he really wasn't doing well. We'd just gotten Noah to sleep, so Nerdstar took Little Man to the emergency vet.

There were several times the vet and Nerdstar didn't think Little Man would make it. He definitely wouldn't have if we hadn't taken him to the vet. They got fluids in him, got him stabilized, he seemed to perk up some when Nerdstar went back to see him. His blood work was normal, but the loss of all that blood had his pulse and blood pressure weak.

She came home about 4 a.m. We were glad he made it through the night. But we still had no answers about what in the world was wrong with him and what to do next. It seems the vets always want to do everything under the sun and see what works. That would be fine if it wasn't all so damn expensive.

Yesterday he was stable and an ultrasound showed a mass in his abdomen. But, there was no way to know what kind of mass, or how much it was blocking. They recommended an endoscope to take a look and a biopsy. We really hoped that doing one would give us a better idea of what he needed.

I was really frustrated with the mounting bill and lack of answers. Nerdstar's much better at saying cost be damned, take care of the pets.

They did the endoscope around 3 yesterday. He made it through that fine. Unfortunately, we don't know much more than we did before. And the biopsy results will take 3 - 5 days.

Last night, we were hoping to bring him home today and take care of him while waiting to find out the biopsy results. If it's cancer then there's not much to be done and we'll skip the surgery. If it's not cancer, and surgery will remove this mass and he'll be fine - then we'll probably do the surgery in spite of the cost.

As of this morning, he's still stable, but not eating. The vet really doesn't know the best thing to do. We don't either. We're gonna go meet with her later this afternoon.

On top of all this mess, financially, this is the month we have to pay for the plane tickets home for Christmas I purchased last month, I just had to have all new tires and front brakes on my car, and yesterday we found out Nerdstar had to have new tires - hers were in worse condition than mine.

Thank God we've had a rainy day fund for several years - but boy is it raining.

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