Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Phase

I think we've hit the frustrated with not being able to communicate clearly phase. It's a big side effect of our boy not talking yet. (I think most toddlers hit this phase a little earlier.) With any luck, this will motivate him to finally start speaking English! He mostly likes to moan and grunt at us, but he talks in a lot more diverse syllables when talking to himself. We're giving him until the end of the year to bust out some words, if not then we'll have him evaluated.

Anyway... one fun thing was his first little fit the other day. It was minor enough to be kinda comical. We sat him on his little rocking chair for a brief time out and he got mad at us. He wanted to hit Nerdstar and when she wouldn't let him, he started hitting the floor, then the desk chair, then the desk. He's done a lot of baby "protesting" this was a step towards bigger and better things. Heh.

Mostly, that little fit made us realize just how good a kid he's been so far!! It kind of leaves us ill-equipped to deal with him when he's not so good.

At his 15 month check up the doc asked if he had walked backwards, and we thought that was a weird milestone. Then last week he took a few steps backwards and it's honestly just the cutest thing! No idea why.

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