Friday, November 25, 2011

The Tough Questions

Having been disappointed with The Walking Dead, I checked out World War Z from the library.

Wow. After it scares you, and then fills you with dread, it makes you think.

We've all seen so many post-apocalypse, post-alien invasion, etc, movies. I think while we're watching them we all envision ourselves as not only the survivors, but the over-comers. That's probably not very realistic. (hahaha, yes I know I said realistic in talking about post-alien invasion scenarios!)

Of course, having Noah changes everything. That's where the tough questions come in.

Do I even want to survive one of those scenarios? Life is going to be hell for a long time to come. Does it matter if the threat - alien or sickness or zombie - is over and it's just a matter of rebuilding from nothing, or if the threat has no end in sight?

Do I kill all of us and end the chance of suffering with the faith that there is a heaven and afterlife? Do I hand Noah off to people better able to survive and take care of him in safety? (Hell, just think of all the kids from WWII separated from their parents for any number of reasons.) I sure as hell don't hand him over to the aliens to start over on some distant planet like the asinine scene in Knowing.

Anyway. This is how my brain works. World War Z is a hell of a book that won't leave you feeling at all optimistic about any world catastrophe.

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