Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Trip To The ER

We're always trying to think of new foods for Noah to try and of ways to expand his food horizons. He still eats about the same 12 or 13 things he's been eating since he started solids.

I was hoping peanut butter was something he would like and might would lead to eating sandwiches and such. So, I got a little peanut butter on my finger and put it in his mouth.

Within minutes he started having an allergic reaction. When his eyelid started to swell, I knew it was time to head to the ER.

On the way there I thought about how I'd heard it's best to call 911 than to try to drive to the ER yourself, but he was breathing ok and the reaction wasn't getting worse and it was about 10 more minutes to the ER.

Once we got there, they were great and got him back and started treating him right away. They started an IV, gave him two or three different things, one of which was benedryl, then after a couple of minutes gave him an epi shot.

It didn't really take that long for the swelling to start to go down, they were obviously concerned with his airway, but he never did have trouble breathing.

They observed him for a couple of hours, we were there for less than four, and he slept about the last hour.

Sigh. That really sucked. But, now we know he's allergic to peanuts. At least we were both home and were able to get him to the ER quickly and safely.

He's sleeping now.

We have to find a way to have an epi pen handy all the time. Of course, we'll have one in the house, but neither of us carries a purse - and we don't have a diaper bag, we just carry a lunch container for his snacks with a diaper and wipes in the top compartment when we go eat. So we're going to have to find a way to keep one close when we're out and about.

I'm sure it hasn't sunk in for either of us the longer term little (or big) changes this means. Our prayer is he outgrows it over time.


Ann said...

Ugh, sorry he had that happen. Are you going to be meeting with a pediatric allergist to explore the severity of it, and test for other allergies? Did they talk w/you about the likelihood of cross contamination reactions, as well as contact allergic reactions? If not, you might want to read up on that. I have a couple of kids in my class whose peanut and tree nut allergies include contact reactions (meaning they touch something made with peanut butter - not eat- and they have a reaction, and I can't let them have anything made by anyone else because of cross contamination issues. TONS of foods are made in plants where there are cross contamination possibilities.

Sarah said...

Oh gosh, how scary...

Anya said...

Glad to hear that Noah is well again!

You might want to check your baby care products for ingredients of peanut oil as this may be a cause for his skin problems.

Dispension with dairy and/or egg proteins might also make improvals here, because people with peanut allergy are often allergic to that, too.

Noah eating the same 12 - 13 things since he started solids acts as an indicator for him not tolerating every food.
No matter how small he is, he already knows what's best for him. ;)