Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Noah's Favorite Pastime

We often joke about Noah being an army/navy baby. He seems to think flat floors are for wimps and walking is more fun when it's challenging - either up ramps, or up and down steps, or just back and forth over something.

A while back I "built" a bigger step/platform thing that didn't really work out. We looked for one of those step aerobic steps that would be the right height/price and didn't find anything. So, I decided to dismantle the earlier thing and simply nail a couple of boards together to make him a "step". In the process, I also put out the top part of the platform to see what he'd do with it. He loves it.

We're working on maybe making those corners a little softer, but think the concern isn't him falling into the platform, it's more him falling off of it.

Anyway, it really is hard to convey just how happy these two things make him!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Noah Running

Noah's favorite thing in the world to do these days is to walk up and down ramps. So when he came upon this bridge at Six Flags, we almost never got him off of it. He would have walked back and forth for at least an hour if we hadn't picked him up and moved him along.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Travels

Whew - that was mostly fun.

We flew to DFW Wednesday afternoon. Traveling makes me nervous because of all the things that can go wrong, and for many, many travels did go wrong for poor Nerdstar in the past 12 years. So, I got smart and figured that a late afternoon flight would be better so we wouldn't have to rush. (Side note - on the trip back to our house from the airport, first I wonder if the car was stolen from the airport parking, then as we get close to the house I make sure it didn't burn down, then of course, once we're close enough - make sure it doesn't look like it was broken into!)

We did our research and AA is supposed to have wi-fi you can buy on all it's flights. Noah loves his videos we've tagged for him on (twinkle twinkle, Nasty Dan, For the Birds - lots of things like that) and so we were happy that we could take the laptop along and keep him well entertained during the flight. Well, the flight there had no wi-fi at all. Fortunately, he fell asleep on take-off and slept almost half the flight. The other half was tricky, but he didn't get fussy. The flight home had wi-fi, but it kept buffering so much as to be useless. There was a little more of a meltdown, but it was also later - a 6 pm flight. Trust me, no one hates an upset kid on a plane more than that kid's parents! But again, he was mostly great.

We had one of those little backpack leashes to get him through the airport. He LOVES to walk and I didn't really want to mess with the hassle of the stroller and luggage. There was only one small problem - he wanted to walk where he wanted to walk - which wasn't necessarily the direction we needed to be going! But again, it mostly went well. What was fun was watching all the people watch him walking around like he owned the place in his cute little jammies. I can't tell you how many people said "oh how cute!"

He had fun at the grandparents' house. My nephew is 10 and loved having him around. We went to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags, and it would have been better if it hadn't been 40 degrees and windy.

The rest of the trip was mostly hanging out. Nerdstar and I got to go out to eat without him a couple of times - it was so nice not having to take a bite, feed him, take another bite, feed him... Eventually we'll find a baby sitter!

For Nerdstar and I the highlight is pretty much always the food! Every trip from the airport to the house has a stop at Whataburger! This trip we also went to Black-Eyed Pea and Pappadeux's and got some not-Duncan donuts! (We don't understand why the Asian women in this area don't have donut shops!) Mom was great and cooked for us the rest of the time and we had a great Christmas lunch before flying back yesterday!

We're glad to so far Noah seems to travel pretty well. The folks had a crib set up for him and he slept pretty good in it. We did take his glow worm with us.

I often think that these are the times we'll never forget - but he won't even remember.

I'll try to post a video tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few New Things

Every day there is a point for me of total, exasperated impatience. Thank God, there are also moments of pure joy and love for this boy.

Two fun things lately. The other night in the bathtub he had a fart that probably almost lifted him out of the water - and it made him laugh! Later while playing before bed he had a couple more farts that made him laugh. We know that there will be tons of fart humor in our future, but this first time was really funny. (There was fart humor in this house before the boy, too!)

Then tonight was the first time we saw him with a finger up his nose. So cute!

(Seriously - 2badmoms for a reason!!)

We took him to an allergist yesterday. We found out his slightly allergic to eggs, cats, and dogs. He's not allergic to milk or wheat or soy. Eggs are easy enough to avoid for now - and it doesn't seem that particular allergy is bad enough that he has to avoid eggs in other foods. But, he's not eating any of those "other" foods for now anyway. As for pet allergies, well, we've had Ramen forever, and will have him until he dies.

Overall, it seems that his immune system doesn't like to handle more than one thing at a time, so when he caught some congestion about a week ago, his skin got worse. Now both are improving, it just takes time. The allergy to Ramen probably taxes his immune system some, but we'll just have to work harder at vacuuming more often and things like that.

The other thing lately is really noticing how differently he treats Nerdstar and I. He's much more emotional with her. He hugs and kisses her more, he's sad when she had to leave (he doesn't stay sad once she's gone), he's usually super happy to see her when she gets home, he yells at her more, hits on her more.

With me, we just tend to hang out, play, eat, get into stuff. He doesn't seem to mind when I leave them alone. The other day I explained to Nerdstar that I think I'm kind of his constant. He pretty much knows I'm always here and therefore doesn't worry when I'm not. He also already knows I'm not the pushover.

I love that we're different to him. I love watching and listening to how they interact.

Oh, one more new thing. He's finally using a sippy cup with a straw. But poor boy, with the other bottles/sippy cups, when it's close to empty you tilt it up, but with the straw one that makes it not work. That's a tough distinction to learn!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Funny Boy

We were hanging out in Noah's room this morning, watching him play with his toys. Then he came over to where Nerdstar was sitting and starting chatting at us. (We're really ready for him to start speaking English!) So, he said a couple of long sentences then kinda laughed and grinned at us. I asked "Did you just tell us a joke?" and he said "yeah!" Too funny!

A few minutes later we were talking about what to get at the store and Nerdstar mentioned blueberries and bananas and Noah took off down the hall towards the kitchen yelling with excitement. So Nerdstar had to follow him and feed him some blueberries.

Friday, December 9, 2011


This was the year of losing parts of me - literally. I had my gall bladder removed. Then, I decided to end the year by dealing with a couple of issues - having a wisdom tooth that came in 3 years ago pulled, and finally getting two spots on my arm tested for skin cancer.

The spots on my arm had been there for over thirteen years. I had them tested about four years ago, but never got the results. (I really disliked the doc and when I didn't hear from them I assumed everything was fine and was happy to not deal with him again.) I was a little surprised a few weeks ago when I had them re-tested and found out they were very benign cancer. I had intended to get both spots removed on the same day a couple of weeks ago, but when I went to have them done, the doc decided the one on my forearm was a little deeper than she liked for just scraping it off like the other one. So, I had to schedule another appointment. The best date happened to be two days after the appointment for getting my tooth pulled.

Honestly, after recovering so quickly after gall bladder surgery, I thought it would be no big deal having the tooth pulled. Ugh. Like I put on fb, wisdom tooth removal is far more painful than gall bladder removal! Silly me.

The good part is that as long as I'm on pain meds, might as well make it count!

So, I have six new scars and one less tooth to end the year.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Farm Time

We took Noah out to Frying Pan Farm this afternoon. (It's named from the street close to it, and, I assume, not because they make tasty treats out of the chickens and pigs!)

We've been watching videos from Bedlam Farm and he seems to like them. Today, he got to see chickens up close and personal, and some pigs, but no donkeys. His favorite thing was watching a cat run by!

Actually, more than anything, he loved having lots of room to walk around! We wish we could put a pedometer on him and just let him go. Just like sleep - strollers are for wimps.

He doesn't even want to hold our hand, he just walks around like he's got it all going on. He loves to take everything in, so we pretty much give him space and let him go. We walked around for about two, two and a half hours, and he could have walked around another hour or so.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


We took Noah to the local mall last night and he walked and walked and walked. It's kinda fun to follow a 16 month old around, thankfully he wasn't just walking in circles! He does, however, love to walk up and down ramps, over and over. So Nerdstar stood at one end of one, and I stood at the other, and he'd walk back and forth laughing when he saw each of us. Then, because that wasn't enough, he got Nerdstar to help him hop down stairs and then walk back up them. It was at least an hour of a good workout for a little guy!

Of course, silly us thought that mean he'd go to bed a little earlier. Nope. He was up until 11 p.m. And then he had the nerve to wake up at 5:30 ready to play some more.

We joke about him being an army/navy baby - but this is crazy! We're debating when to put a jungle gym in his play area!