Saturday, December 3, 2011

Farm Time

We took Noah out to Frying Pan Farm this afternoon. (It's named from the street close to it, and, I assume, not because they make tasty treats out of the chickens and pigs!)

We've been watching videos from Bedlam Farm and he seems to like them. Today, he got to see chickens up close and personal, and some pigs, but no donkeys. His favorite thing was watching a cat run by!

Actually, more than anything, he loved having lots of room to walk around! We wish we could put a pedometer on him and just let him go. Just like sleep - strollers are for wimps.

He doesn't even want to hold our hand, he just walks around like he's got it all going on. He loves to take everything in, so we pretty much give him space and let him go. We walked around for about two, two and a half hours, and he could have walked around another hour or so.

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