Friday, December 16, 2011

A Few New Things

Every day there is a point for me of total, exasperated impatience. Thank God, there are also moments of pure joy and love for this boy.

Two fun things lately. The other night in the bathtub he had a fart that probably almost lifted him out of the water - and it made him laugh! Later while playing before bed he had a couple more farts that made him laugh. We know that there will be tons of fart humor in our future, but this first time was really funny. (There was fart humor in this house before the boy, too!)

Then tonight was the first time we saw him with a finger up his nose. So cute!

(Seriously - 2badmoms for a reason!!)

We took him to an allergist yesterday. We found out his slightly allergic to eggs, cats, and dogs. He's not allergic to milk or wheat or soy. Eggs are easy enough to avoid for now - and it doesn't seem that particular allergy is bad enough that he has to avoid eggs in other foods. But, he's not eating any of those "other" foods for now anyway. As for pet allergies, well, we've had Ramen forever, and will have him until he dies.

Overall, it seems that his immune system doesn't like to handle more than one thing at a time, so when he caught some congestion about a week ago, his skin got worse. Now both are improving, it just takes time. The allergy to Ramen probably taxes his immune system some, but we'll just have to work harder at vacuuming more often and things like that.

The other thing lately is really noticing how differently he treats Nerdstar and I. He's much more emotional with her. He hugs and kisses her more, he's sad when she had to leave (he doesn't stay sad once she's gone), he's usually super happy to see her when she gets home, he yells at her more, hits on her more.

With me, we just tend to hang out, play, eat, get into stuff. He doesn't seem to mind when I leave them alone. The other day I explained to Nerdstar that I think I'm kind of his constant. He pretty much knows I'm always here and therefore doesn't worry when I'm not. He also already knows I'm not the pushover.

I love that we're different to him. I love watching and listening to how they interact.

Oh, one more new thing. He's finally using a sippy cup with a straw. But poor boy, with the other bottles/sippy cups, when it's close to empty you tilt it up, but with the straw one that makes it not work. That's a tough distinction to learn!

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