Friday, December 9, 2011


This was the year of losing parts of me - literally. I had my gall bladder removed. Then, I decided to end the year by dealing with a couple of issues - having a wisdom tooth that came in 3 years ago pulled, and finally getting two spots on my arm tested for skin cancer.

The spots on my arm had been there for over thirteen years. I had them tested about four years ago, but never got the results. (I really disliked the doc and when I didn't hear from them I assumed everything was fine and was happy to not deal with him again.) I was a little surprised a few weeks ago when I had them re-tested and found out they were very benign cancer. I had intended to get both spots removed on the same day a couple of weeks ago, but when I went to have them done, the doc decided the one on my forearm was a little deeper than she liked for just scraping it off like the other one. So, I had to schedule another appointment. The best date happened to be two days after the appointment for getting my tooth pulled.

Honestly, after recovering so quickly after gall bladder surgery, I thought it would be no big deal having the tooth pulled. Ugh. Like I put on fb, wisdom tooth removal is far more painful than gall bladder removal! Silly me.

The good part is that as long as I'm on pain meds, might as well make it count!

So, I have six new scars and one less tooth to end the year.


Anonymous said...

Ow! I'm so glad you had it checked again. Can you believe how much they have to take for a tiny spot? Seriously. Mine was about half the size of a pencil eraser and NOW look at it. I'm glad it was nothing more serious and here's to being scar sisters!

Beth said...

Heh - scar sisters! The other spot she was able to just scrap, so it looked like someone had put out a cigar on my arm while it was healing. I knew this would be about this long, but the spot had started to grow just a little and itch, so I figured better safe than sorry.