Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Noah's Favorite Pastime

We often joke about Noah being an army/navy baby. He seems to think flat floors are for wimps and walking is more fun when it's challenging - either up ramps, or up and down steps, or just back and forth over something.

A while back I "built" a bigger step/platform thing that didn't really work out. We looked for one of those step aerobic steps that would be the right height/price and didn't find anything. So, I decided to dismantle the earlier thing and simply nail a couple of boards together to make him a "step". In the process, I also put out the top part of the platform to see what he'd do with it. He loves it.

We're working on maybe making those corners a little softer, but think the concern isn't him falling into the platform, it's more him falling off of it.

Anyway, it really is hard to convey just how happy these two things make him!


Anonymous said...

What a great platform!

Beth said...

Heh, nothing fancy here! If I could sew I'd cover it with vinyl or something, but I can't even do buttons!