Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1 and 1/2

Our dear boy turned 1 and 1/2 the other day. I've been trying to compose a post in my head and finally decided to just sit down and write one.

His check up is Thursday morning and I can't wait to see how much taller he is. He is one tall and skinny dude. When I bought his winter clothes several months ago, I got some 18 month sizes and some 24 month sizes. He's about to be too tall for all of the 18 month ones.

It's harder now to pinpoint new milestones. He's definitely into stacking things. He still loves throwing balls around. He does his "exercises" on his wooden platform - he doesn't just like to use it as a step down, he also puts his back foot back up there and goes back up onto it. He seems to be an athletic boy - but he's not at all a dare-devil. I like that.

One thing that has changed, although I couldn't say when it started, is his sleeping habits. I blame Nerdstar for the changes. It used to be that he'd get tired and we'd put him in his bed with his glow worm and blanket and he'd go right to sleep. Then he started wanting Nerdstar to stay in there while he fell asleep at night. Now, he wants one of us in there when he goes to sleep for naps or night time. Ugh. It's not too bad at nap time, he usually goes to sleep in 10 to 30 minutes. But sometimes at night it takes over an hour. He'll act like he's ready to go to sleep, then lay in the bed and fidget, or "talk" to her, or clap his hands (no idea why). If she tries to leave before he's sound asleep, he cries like he's dying.

One cute thing, though, if he is tired and you ask if it's "glow worm time" he'll run to his room and grab onto his crib and wait for you to put him in bed! And most days in addition to his nap, he'll take one or two "breaks" where he'll run to his crib and stand there and we put him in and he lays there with his glow worm for about ten minutes. Then he's ready to play again.

He's not talking yet, but he understands more and more of what we say to him. For a long time now if you ask him something, he'll say "yeah". But it's not universal - he doesn't agree to just anything/everything. He'll say yeah to stuff he likes to eat, but won't say it to asking if he wants steak and eggs. So, this weekend we were talking about having baby #2 (still at 90% NO) and Nerdstar asked him if he wanted a baby in the house - he just laughed and laughed! It was too funny.

He's still watching his you.tube videos a couple of times a day. He still loves John John on Sesame Street. We talk about getting him a little tv with wi-fi or roku or something, but that would be more for us than for him. For now most of the time we sit with him on our lap and get some snuggle time while he watches. But we also use it at dinner time some nights and put him in his high chair in front of the computer so we can eat in peace.

The most frustrating thing is still his eczema. We pretty much keep him in onsies so he can't get to his skin to scratch it. The cream works on his face, but not on the spots on his legs and feet. So, when we undress him to change his diapers it's a horrible fight with him to try to keep him from scratching. Lately, we've even put mittens on his hands to just get through it. We've scheduled another visit with the derm for him, we're hoping that in light of what we've tried so far, and the new info about his allergies, we can find a new strategy.

Most importantly, he's still the cutest, smartest, most wonderful kid in the world.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Noah Playing

These days he loves stacking the blocks and putting things into and out of the oatmeal canister. Well, other than still throwing them down the stairs and into his crib.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Invisible Again

I spent several years living alone before I met Nerdstar. Even after we got together, I had lots of alone time when she would be deployed with the army. Alone isn't a state I'd like to be in again long term, but I don't hate it. I don't mind going out to eat alone, or to see a movie, or to hang out at a bookstore.

So, having not been alone at all in over a year and a half (well, there was one Sunday afternoon Nerdstar took Noah to the grocery store without me) I was feeling the need.

I took the afternoon and drove up to a favorite restaurant of ours, then headed to the mall to do some people watching. (I was nice and brought Nerdstar home some chili.) It was just a few hours of just me and my brain, and it was kinda nice. (My brain wasn't being a complete dick today.)

I realized just how much mental and physical energy Noah takes. It's not that I don't people watch at all when he's with me, it's just more glances at people than actual watching. I'm constantly aware of him and where he is and what he's doing and what he might do next and what he needs. It's like white noise I didn't even notice until he wasn't there.

It was also weird but nice to be invisible again. See, as a short, overweight, over 40 woman, I am mostly invisible to the world. And I was/am ok with that. Then along came Noah and he's so damned cute that he gets noticed a lot and talked to some. I thought it must be how the normal friends of celebrities must feel when they're out without their friend. It's not that they get attention themselves, but they're still around it and in it with their celebrities.

Anyway. Still got my fingers crossed on being able to find a babysitter so next time Nerdstar can come with me!

Gang Signs

Five or six weeks ago, when Noah would be in his high chair, he'd do this thing with his hands and fingers, and at first we thought he was flashing us some gang signs. Then we realized that he had been watching John John on Sesame Street enough to be trying to do this:

He loves watching the few videos of John John we've found so far!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Our poor boy had a rough week, maybe his roughest. We know we are very, very fortunate that even this wasn't that rough. He's had almost all of his bottom teeth for a while now, and it's never bothered him. We think he got 3 - 5 top teeth in this last week and these seemed to more painful. (He's had his back bottom teeth for what seems like forever.) We were lucky that he still slept most of the nights. He had three or four times they really seemed to hurt him and would cry like he was dying - that was heart breaking. The tylenol and gum meds seemed to help pretty quickly. We think he lost weight, though, because he doesn't eat many different things to start with, and he narrowed those down even more to the softest ones.

He's still not talking. I'm pretty ready for him to. Also, it'd be nice if he showed any inclination of listening to the word NO any time soon!

He loves to play with balls. He loves to throw toys down the stairs and out the pet door (those times I wish he'd listen to "no") and throw a bunch of them into his crib. SO, we got him a little basketball goal. He couldn't be less interested in it so far. Oh well. He'll play with it eventually.

These days he's into stacking his 2"X2" hard foam blocks - which is really cool and fun to watch. We also gave him this big, empty oatmeal container that he likes putting the blocks and other small toys into and out of.

I knew about a year ago this winter would be tough. I knew he'd be walking/running and we'd be stuck indoors a lot. I was right. Thankfully, we had some warm days to go to the park late into Fall. Now we try to take him to a mall to run around when we can. When it's windy with a high in the low 30s it's tough to get out of the house. We're both ready for Spring!

Then, maybe in the Summer, definitely by next Fall, I'm going to find him a playschool/daycare whatever for a day or two a week. I've been with him 24/7 minus maybe six hours since he was born. I know this part of life won't last forever, and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible, but...

That said, we're also definitely going to find a baby sitter in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, we can find someone in the neighborhood. Even if some friends in the area wanted to keep him for us, they're a 30 minute drive in the wrong direction from places we want to go. We got to go out to eat without him a couple of times when we were visiting my parents and it was kinda nice not having to wonder when he'd get tired of sitting still, or if he'd not be hungry and all that sort of thing.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Well, I guess "the holidays" really end tomorrow when most people go back to work. So, happy new year!

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Saturday was nice and we took Noah to the park for a little while. Then we cooked a nice dinner and hung out. Sunday was also nice, so we took Ramen to a dog park. We haven't done that in a very long time. The park doesn't allow kids under 9 in the enclosed area, so Nerdstar and Noah hung out outside the fence and walked back and forth over a little bridge and then sat on a bench and watched all the dogs run around. What was really cool was that Ramen went over and checked on Noah two or three times. I wouldn't have guessed that he'd do that!

I believe 2012 is going to be a good and exciting year. I also have this feeling that it's going to bring some changes for the three of us - as in - we've got to decide where we want to be living at the end of this year.

For the past six years we've moved to where Nerdstar's job was. But that line of work, while it pays really well, isn't as satisfying as it should be for her. It's also not very stable. Yes, she's been employed for 90% of these six years, but the number of jobs and companies she's worked for is crazy. In fact, we don't even know what's going to happen in the next two weeks. The problem has been that these jobs really are only in this area.

There's one set of things we'll do and spend money on if we maintain the status quo here in Virginia. But there's a whole different set of things we'd need to plan for if we want to move back to Texas.

The message I'm hearing regarding 2012 from men I respect and listen to is that it's important to imagine what it is you want. The future is good, and we have to hear what God's saying about that future, then see it, and bring it to our present. (Trust me, I wish I could explain it so much better, without it sounding so shallow.)

Anyway, Nerdstar and I were talking that it might be good if we were both imagining the same thing about where we want to be at the end of the year.

In the meantime, my most concrete resolution is to finally reign in my cussing.