Thursday, January 19, 2012


Our poor boy had a rough week, maybe his roughest. We know we are very, very fortunate that even this wasn't that rough. He's had almost all of his bottom teeth for a while now, and it's never bothered him. We think he got 3 - 5 top teeth in this last week and these seemed to more painful. (He's had his back bottom teeth for what seems like forever.) We were lucky that he still slept most of the nights. He had three or four times they really seemed to hurt him and would cry like he was dying - that was heart breaking. The tylenol and gum meds seemed to help pretty quickly. We think he lost weight, though, because he doesn't eat many different things to start with, and he narrowed those down even more to the softest ones.

He's still not talking. I'm pretty ready for him to. Also, it'd be nice if he showed any inclination of listening to the word NO any time soon!

He loves to play with balls. He loves to throw toys down the stairs and out the pet door (those times I wish he'd listen to "no") and throw a bunch of them into his crib. SO, we got him a little basketball goal. He couldn't be less interested in it so far. Oh well. He'll play with it eventually.

These days he's into stacking his 2"X2" hard foam blocks - which is really cool and fun to watch. We also gave him this big, empty oatmeal container that he likes putting the blocks and other small toys into and out of.

I knew about a year ago this winter would be tough. I knew he'd be walking/running and we'd be stuck indoors a lot. I was right. Thankfully, we had some warm days to go to the park late into Fall. Now we try to take him to a mall to run around when we can. When it's windy with a high in the low 30s it's tough to get out of the house. We're both ready for Spring!

Then, maybe in the Summer, definitely by next Fall, I'm going to find him a playschool/daycare whatever for a day or two a week. I've been with him 24/7 minus maybe six hours since he was born. I know this part of life won't last forever, and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible, but...

That said, we're also definitely going to find a baby sitter in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, we can find someone in the neighborhood. Even if some friends in the area wanted to keep him for us, they're a 30 minute drive in the wrong direction from places we want to go. We got to go out to eat without him a couple of times when we were visiting my parents and it was kinda nice not having to wonder when he'd get tired of sitting still, or if he'd not be hungry and all that sort of thing.


Meridith said...

You know I'm totally feeling you on the babysitter thing. I hope you can find a workable situation and some space to breathe - we all need it! In other news, we taught RR to slam dunk her toys into baskets and such and now she slam dunks everything. Maybe start with the oatmeal container?

Beth said...

This is where not being a part of a "community" or a church or anything kinda sucks - no one for backup or support or teenagers who babysit! I guess we'll resort to angies.list if we have to.

That's cool RR can slam dunk! She can come show Noah how to use the bb goal!! And then show him how to eat real food!

Emer said...

Agree on Jr preschool - I did it with my two boys for a day or two a week and it not only benefited me but also benefited them socially and gave them an appetizer of a structured educational environment. Shane and Oran have pneumonia this week but down the line we would be happy to mind Noah to let you and Ching get out for a half day for a meal/movie etc. Emer