Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Video and Reality

I mentioned that Noah has his sets of videos that he watches every day. He still likes watching the donkeys, chickens, dogs, and cats at Bedlam Farm. I think that's cool. Last weekend we went to a small local farm and he saw some smaller horses and some chickens and we could tell that he made the connection to them from the videos. He got close to the horses, but wasn't quite brave enough to pet them. He liked watching the chickens for quite a while.

I'm glad he doesn't watch actual tv yet, but I've seen that small doses of some decent videos have been at least neat for him to learn a few things. (Enough qualifiers in that last sentence?)


meridith said...

Hurrah for farm animals! Have you seem "The Kid Should See This"? It's a great blog that posts videos meant to inform and brighten kids lives curated by adults and kids. I find that they are often too old for RR but I've bookmarks a few for the future. There have been a few about bubble blowing and they way metals react in water, etc. Very cool.

Beth said...

Thanks! We'll definitely check it out and tag it for the future!!