Sunday, February 26, 2012


There's almost nothing Nerdstar finds more annoying than having something up her nose. So, of course, Noah thinks it's absolutely hilarious to put his finger up her nose! Cracks me up. I told her to put her finger in his nose to see if he'd stop. Her finger is too big for his nose, but it didn't work anyway.

He's also figured out how to point and grunt for something he wants. Not cool dude. He will also stand there and yell pretty darn loud at us when he's mad about some little thing. When he's annoyed (as opposed to mad), he'll swat at his ear.

Two other kinda weird things. He is always grabbing his tongue with his fingers. And he puts his hands over his ears to hear himself talk.

On the good stuff front. Twice I've heard him laugh while sleeping.

We also finally got a prescription cream that cleared up the lingering eczema spots on his legs/feet. We're so happy about that! Now he's not scratching his skin off every time we try to change his diaper, so diaper changes aren't a nightmare anymore.

And one for the record - just watching him run down the hallway can bring joy to my heart.

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