Saturday, April 14, 2012


Of course, you know how cute Noah is. (Probably a couple of new pics on Sunday before and after we shave his head again.) This post will be about how sweet he is and how that does and doesn't work out in public.

At home, he used to not like it when I'd hug on Nerdstar. Then, we got him to come and do group hugs with us. When we're in different rooms, he'll run from one to the other and give us hugs. He also hugs on his Pooh bears and says "eeeeee" - his version of "sweet" which we say when he hugs us or Pooh. So sweet!!

When things get interesting is when we're either out in the neighborhood walking around or at a playground or other place with kids. If there is a boy from ages, say, 5-11, he'll start off watching them, and then get closer and closer and either reach out and touch them or hug them or lean up against them. There's a sweet boy across the street who's been very patient and let Noah hug on him a couple of times. Today, we were in a little shop and there was a boy and Noah went right up and give him a light hug. Yesterday, there were two brothers at a play area, I'd say 8 and 10 years old he took an immediate liking to. They weren't so big on the idea of being hugged by Noah. When they went to sit on a bench, he climbed right up and sat between them like he was a big kid, too. It was so cute.

Now, what's interesting to me is seeing the different reactions of the different kids, usually boys. (He's hugged a girl once or twice at play areas.) Some are really sweet, and Nerdstar or I are fairly close by and we tell them he's just saying Hi and he can't talk yet. No one has been anything near mean to him, but some looked a little disturbed. I wonder how much of that is the "stranger danger" that's drilled into kids. I wonder how much of it is a little boy hugging boys. (I have no idea of girls would react different to girls hugging them - probably not.)

But, I'm also interested that the parents are usually aloof or sort of ignoring the whole thing. I'd like to think when Noah is older and if some little boy comes up and hugs on him we'd at least say, "Oh, be nice to the sweet boy."

Anyway. I hope it's a long time before our boy learns too much about personal space and boundaries.

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